After School Care 2:30pm to 5:30pm

We set the school gym up before and after school with table toys, crafts and games on one side of the gym, the other side has a physical activity such as basketball or hockey.  Children have their choice of which activity they would like to play with their friends.  

In order to maintain a happy flow with the children in our center and to prevent overcrowding we separate the children into groups, taking turns in the sensory room, outside and the gym, this allows for smaller groups and excellent supervision of the children.

Each week we have a new theme and every day we have a different activity planned.  Children always have a choice if they would like to participate in the activity or continue playing with the other options in the gym/sensory room.  Please see our calendar for more information on our activities. 


Children arrive and are signed into the after school program in the gym at Uplands elementary school.  Grade 1 to 5 walk on their own from their classroom to the gym and kindergartens are picked up from their classroom by the staff member.


  • First group of 12 children or less are taken either outside to play in the smaller playground or to the sensory room for quiet activities.  Groups are rotated every 20 minutes.  
  • Larger group stays in the gym for snack time, arts & crafts and their choice of the other activities set up in the gym.
  • We try our best to keep children together with their friends when separating into groups and always give them a choice of which area/activity they would prefer to do.

3:45pm to 4:30pm: 

The two groups are brought together in the gym or outside (depending on the weather).  Snack table is put away by 4:30pm, we remind the child before putting table away or going outside to have their snacks.


Children are brought back to the gym from outside or if still inside (in colder months) we clean up the gym and the children have their choice of balls, skipping ropes and hula hoops until they are picked up by their parents.


All children are picked up to go home  

Registration Forms

Once you have received confirmation you child has a spot in our before & after school program, please print and complete registration forms.  All forms, $50 registration fee plus form of payment must be received before your child's start date to hold their spot.  If you are needing subsidy forms or direct withdrawal forms please contact us by email:

Registation Form-Uplands (pdf)


Waitlist Policy

Kids Connection Uplands does registrations for September in May for our before and after school program.

We give the current families the first chance to register their child or children who already are attending our before and after school program.

  1. Any available spaces after step 1 are offered to siblings.
  2. Any available spaces after step 2 ae offered to families who's children attended Kids Connection Wiltse or Yorkton.
  3. Any available spaces after step 3 are offered to families on the waitlist.

Children can be added to the waitlist throughout the school year by sending us an email.  Each family will be numbered in order and if any spaces become available throughout the school year (September to June) the above steps will be taken.

Please note full time spots will be registered first and part-time spots will only be available upon request.