Kids Connection Uplands Out of School Care


How do I register my child?

We do before & after school registrations for September in the spring.  We give current families the first opportunity to register their child or children first.  You can either pick up the registration forms at the center or they can be emailed to you.  There is a $50 registration fee at the time of registration and for every following year your child is enrolled.  Once all forms are completed, registration fee and payment for the school year as been received, you will get a parent handbook with confirmation that your child has been registered in our program.

How do I get on the waitlist?

Children can be added to the waitlist throughout the school year by sending us an email.  Each family will be numbered in order and if any spaces become available throughout the school year (September to June) the steps in the waitlist policy will be taken.  Please note full time spots will be registered first and part-time spots will only be available upon request.  

Please send us an email to get on the waitlist, with your child's name, grade, start date and your needs (full time/part-time, before or after school care).

Waitlist Policy:

Kids Connection Uplands does registrations for September in May for our before and after school program.

  1. We give the current families the first chance to register their child or children who already are attending our before and after school program.
  2. Any available spaces after step 1 are offered to siblings.
  3. Any available spaces after step 2 ae offered to families who's children attended Kids Connection Wiltse or Yorkton.
  4. Any available spaces after step 3 are offered to families on the waitlist.  

Do we accept government subsidy?

Child care subsidy is administered by the Ministry to Children and Family Development BC Provincial Government.  It is a monthly payment that helps eligible BC families with costs of childcare.  

Families fill out an application and provide supporting documents to apply.  If you are approved and authorization is established, we will receive an authorization number and billing forms.

Childcare cannot start until authorization and billing forms are received unless you agree in writing to pay the regular fee.

We are only able to bill for maximum number of days that you are qualified for and if the child actually attends.

The parent/guardian is responsible for any fee over and above what subsidy pays on behalf of the family.  The parent portion is due by the 1st of each month your child attends.

What are my expectations as a parent?

Monthly fees cover all costs for your child's program, except food for snacks.  No extra duties or fundraising are required.  A monthly schedule will be distributed at the beginning of each month with all activities and field trips.

Each child should bring a reusable bottle to our program to use and refill daily.  Please make sure your child has an after school snack and proper clothes for outside play 

My child has special health concerns.

If you're child has any special needs or health concerns please inform the staff at registration.  Extra paper work will need to be completed in order to properly and safely take care of your child.

How do I cancel or change services?

At Kids Connection Uplands we realize that every child has different needs.  Sometimes what we offer may not be the best situation for your child.  We also understand that through patience and caring most children will adjust to a new situation.  Therefore, the first month your child is at our center will be treated as a period of adjustment.  During this month staff and parents must work closely together offering plenty of feedback about their child's feelings and behavior.  

Termination of regular services after this adjustment period requires 30 days notice by either party in writing or a payment of one month's fees must be paid in lieu of notice. Post-dated checks would be returned at that time or if full payment was made a refund by check will be given.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of a refund by check after last day of child's attendance at the center for either termination of services or unexpected facility closure.    

Policies and Procedures


Active Play Policy

At Kids Connection Uplands it is important to us that all children have the opportunity to have 120 mins of physical activity daily and an hour of outside time. 

1. In the fall and spring months we take the children outside to play in the large playground at 8am until the bell rings during our before school program. After school in fall and spring we take small groups of 10-12 children for 20mins turns to the smaller playground from 2:45 to 3:45pm. The whole school year we take the children outside to the large playground from 4pm to 5pm (3:15 to 4:15pm in winter) for outdoor unstructured physical activity and outdoor play. During all day care we take the children outside during 11am to 12pm and 2pm to 3:30pm for structure and unstructured physical activity. 

2. We set up the gym everyday with a physical activity such as basketball, floor hockey, scoops, hula hoops, skipping ropes and badminton on the right side of the gym. We have a staff member help direct the children with their games. During days with extreme weather when we can not go outside we will also play group games such as tag and allow children to play with balls for the last half hour of our program. 

3. We do not allow any electric devices at our program and limit our time in the computer lab to a couple times a week and only allow children to have 15 to 20 minute turns.

4. We provide a monthly calendar for the parents with information on our daily activities and crafts. Calendars are emailed to the parents and also can be found on our website and at the daycare. Also, important information about our program and policies can be found on our website and all parents are given a copy of our Hand Book at the time of registration.

Food Policy

At Kids Connection at Uplands it’s very important to us that each child has a nutritious, well balanced diet. That’s why we ask all parents/guardians to follow Canada’s Food Guide when selecting food to provide their child for their snacks and lunch. Please see our list of suggestions from the Canada Food Guide below.

We have filtered water (at the water fountain) for all the children to drink and we ask that you send your child with a water bottle that we can refill throughout the day. We do offer use of a fridge but suggest putting an ice pack in your child’s lunch in case their lunch doesn’t make it back to the fridge.

We will occasionally do food preparation with the children and during special events families will be able to bring special treats such as store or bakery prepared cookies or sliced fruit or vegetables to share with the class. To encourage healthy eating every couple of months we have “healthy after school snacks” as our theme for the week which is indicated on our monthly calendars. This is a fun way to educate both children and parents about healthy eating and while enjoying a snack. Parents will always be informed of what the children will be eating on our monthly newsletters or by email prior to any food being served. Parents must notify us at time of registration or before events if their child is not allowed to partake of other food, which they did not provide. 

Health/Sickness Guidelines

In the interest of good health and for the benefit of all children attending Kids Connection Uplands, we feel it is necessary to establish some guidelines to assist you in deciding whether or not your child is well enough to attend our program. Please see the guidelines below that are based on requirements by the Ministry of Health.

1.)  Most of children’s illnesses start with a fever. The fever usually indicated that the child is fighting some form of illness and at this time is contagious. You should not send your child to preschool until 24 hours after the fever has abated, and/or other acute systems have subsided.

2.) If your child has been vomiting or had diarrhea overnight he/she should not attend Kids Connection Uplands for at least 24 hours and until symptoms have subsided, whichever is later.

3.) If you child is on antibiotics he/she continues to be contagious for 24 hours after the first dose of medication and should not return to preschool until this time period has elapsed.  We do not administer any medication unless it is for emergency use such as epi-pens and inhalers.  An additional form will be given at registration and we will keep the medication in a locked bag.

4.) If your child has a severe cold accompanied by the above symptoms or a severe cough, they should be kept at home for at least 24 hours.

5.) We cannot accept children who have communicable childhood diseases, e.g. chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye). The child may only return to preschool when the incubation and contagious period has passed and their doctor gives written permission.

6.) Please advise the caregiver immediately if you become aware of your child having a communicable disease, or being in contact with the same, so that the caregiver can advise the other parents.

7.) Should your child become sick during the day, you will be contacted at home/work, and we ask that an alternative care arrangement be made immediately, and that your child be taken out of daycare until they are well enough to return as outlined above.

8.) A child may not attend the center if they have Head Lice and hasn't been treated. If lice are found on a child the parent or Emergency Contact Person will be contacted to remove the child from the center. The child cannot return for at least 24 hours after the first treatment and they have been checked and no longer have live lice.

9.) You must provide a photocopy of your Doctor’s written proof, or the child’s health passport, of up-to-date immunization.

Child Abuse

It is the law for all caregivers to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.

The staff at Kid’s Connection abides by this law.

If suspected abuse happens from staff within our center we will report to the Penticton Licensing Office and the Licensee of our center. The staff will be in constant supervision by other staff or the director and will not be allowed to be alone with the children until the allegation has been rectified. If a staff person is found guilty they will be immediately dismissed.

If you suspect abuse or neglect there are three ways to reach a Ministry for Children and Families child protection social worker:

Arrival and Departure Procedure

Parents will sign their child in and out when arriving and departing.

Please phone the center if your child will be very late or absent.

Without prior notice by a parent or guardian no child will be turned over to anyone not designated in writing. Please ask staff for a Release Form to sign if you need to change pick up for only one day.  When this person comes to pick up your child they will be asked for identification. Any other person that picks up your child on a regular basis should be noted on the registration form. When a person is noted on the registration form but does not pick up your child often they will be asked for identification to prove they are the person designated on the consent form.

If anyone comes to pick up your child that is not approved on your application form or written on a Release Form we will not allow them to take your child and you will be called for permission. If you do not allow permission we will refuse the child to be taken by this person. In the case where this person is verbally or physically intrusive a staff member will contact the RCMP to apprehend them. Your child will never be given to anyone without your written or verbal consent.

Our program runs from 730am to 530pm. Any child in the program who is picked up after these times will be charged an extra $5.00 for every 5 minutes after pick up time. Please let is know if you will be late or an emergency caregiver we can contact to pick up your child. If a child is picked up late more than 3 times in a year a notice will be given to make alternate care arrangements. 

In the event that your child is not picked up by l/2 hour after closing and your alternate caregiver could not be contacted we would contact the Ministry as indicated below:

Ministry for Children and Families (local district office)

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 250-770-2200 

After Hours Lines: 1-800-663-9122 ANY TIME CALL HELP LINE: 310-1234


If we suspect that a parent or alternate caregiver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol we will tell them that they should not be driving their child home and encourage them not to take the child if we really feel they are under this influence. We will offer to contact another person to drive their child home who is not impaired or offer to pay for them go with their child in a taxi, which they will be billed for later. We will tell them that we will report them to the Ministry if they take the child. In the case where we do not immediately realize this or if they attempt to drive a child from our center we will have no alternative but to contact the R.C.M.P. and give them the description and license of the vehicle carrying the child and they will be reported to the Ministry as noted above.

Behavioral Guidance

At our center we create a happy, relaxing and interesting environment for children. In order to instill feelings of security and safety, children will be taught our expectations and learn our center’s routines. This includes safety rules, care of property, good health habits and consideration for others. 

Positive reinforcement is continually given for good behavior. Praise and encouragement are constantly offered when appropriate behavior is displayed. It is our policy to prevent a difficult situation before it arises.

If behavioral situations arise they will be dealt with promptly and in a positive and easy to understand manner. Guidance methods we use are as follows: a series of warnings, distractions from the problem areas, or the introduction of a new situation. Children are also taught through role modeling, suggestions, reflecting on each other’s feelings, and through natural consequences.

Parents will be consulted in regards to ongoing behavioral problems. If there are concerns during class that effect the child’s own safety or the safety of others, parents will be contacted. All issues and concerns will be addressed in confidence with all families involved. 

If we are unable to meet the needs of an individual child with regards to behavior, we will advise the parents of alternative arrangements.